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Di Renjie Secret Soldier Borrows the Road (2023)

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During the Wu Zhou period, the entire family of Hu Xiande, the Deputy Imperial Censor, was murdered, prompting Wu Zetian to order Detective Dee to investigate. As Detective Dee delved into the investigation, he discovered that Hu Xiande, who had previously been a law-abiding and upright man, mysteriously became involved in a major case. Detective Dee couldn’t help but become suspicious and sensed that this case might be a hidden layer within another case. As Detective Dee proceeded with the investigation, he encountered various eerie events, and individuals connected to the case started to die under mysterious circumstances one after another. Alongside malevolent forces seeking to claim lives, the case reached an impasse, and Detective Dee found himself engulfed in a massive conspiracy.

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Genre: Action
Duration: 74 Min